Location: Miami-Dade County

Client: Sewer Department (MD-WASD)

Project Description:

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (MD-WASD) is proposing to abandon the corroded, undersized 4” water main that is servicing an existing residential community, along a portion of Northeast 72nd Street. The limits of this project are from the intersection at Biscayne Boulevard, east along Northeast 72nd Street, to the seawall adjacent to Biscayne Bay. MD-WASD is also proposing to install a new 8” D.I.P. watermain, within Northeast 72nd Street, along the frontage of these single family homes and install new water meters and fire hydrants within the public right-of-way areas.

HSQ has completed the route surveying for this project. It has been verified that there is only an existing 39’ right-of- way area within Northeast 72nd Street. Therefore, both the water main route analysis and utility coordination will be critical parts of this project. HSQ has recently worked on numerous projects within the urban centers of Miami-Dade County, including the City of Miami Downtown areas. Therefore, we are very experienced in the many challenges associated with the design of water main conflicts with other utilities within extremely confined construction areas.

The approximate total length of new 8” water main installation is 2,960 linear feet.