Location: City of Homestead, Miami-Dade County, Florida

Client: City of Homestead Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

Project Description: Roadway & Sidewalk Improvements

HSQ Group provided the City of Homestead with both design and construction inspection services for this city funded project. The portion of the roadway that was improved is located at the south end of Washington Avenue within the City’s Downtown District. The improvements included the complete reconstruction of the existing roadway and the addition of new concrete curbs and paver sidewalks. New street lighting and median landscaping was also part of the street enhancements. HSQ designed and prepared the master plans for the entire Washington Avenue Corridor. Construction inspection services were provided for the first phase of the project. The MOT for both the vehicular and pedestrian traffic was a very critical part of this project. The roadway improvements were adjacent to several existing businesses, which had to remain in full operation during the entire length of construction. Pedestrian safety and accessibility within and around the work zone also had to be maintained.