HSQ Group was founded by Jay Huebner, Nour Shehadeh, and Antonio Quevedo. Our vision was to form a multi-faceted consulting firm capable of providing quality products and services to developers and governmental agencies in South Florida throughout the state. HSQ Group services both the public and private sectors.

HSQ Group is committed to providing the highest level of quality and professionalism to every project. HSQ Group provides its services to our clients across all of Florida. We qualify for small business enterprise in many counties and cities and have a good working relationship with all government agencies. HSQ Group has on staff LEED AP and has extensive experience with green design.

Mission Statement:

HSQ Group is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, and responsible Civil Engineering, Planning and Surveying services to our clients with integrity and accountability using hands on personal service and innovative methods.

Vision Statement:

To provide a workplace environment that promotes learning, employee growth and high-quality services that translate to the clients and our community as a valuable partner.

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A short introduction by one of our founders, Jay Huebner